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Discover the magic of Black Garlic with our easy-to-use "LAVIS black garlic maker" – your gateway to irresistibly flavorful and health-packed meals.  Imagine transforming ordinary garlic into a delicacy "SUPER FOOD" with a sweet and savory profile that's not only delicious but also packed with health benefits.






      BLACK GARLIC HONEY - 200 ml



        Create your own gourmet SUPERFOOD from the comfort of your home.

        Fully Automatic Intelligent Fermenter

        Easy to set up. Simply select fermentation time: 6-12 days (144- 288 hours) according to garlic type and size.

        Stainless Steel Cage-Like Rack

        The rack allows a good air circulation and uniform temperature. The racks can hold and ferment approximately 3 kg of garlic at a time. You can adjust the appropriate number of layers according to the height of multiple garlic cloves or single garlic.

        Power-Off Memory Function

        If the power is suddenly cut off during the fermentation, it will automatically enter the fermentation process again as long as electricity is restored.

        new - Available in royal blue & classic silver

        Elevate your culinary adventures, savor the delicious anticipation, and satisfy your cravings effortlessly.

        BLACK GARLIC from LAVIS™

        A symphony of flavors awaits as this velvety, sweet delicacy unfolds on your palate, leaving you hungry for the next bite of this delectable culinary masterpiece. From adding a unique twist to sauces, marinades, and dressings, to being the star ingredient in hearty soups and savory spreads. Whether paired with meats, vegetables, or even desserts, LAVIS™ black garlic promises an endless array of possibilities to satiate your culinary creativity.


        Indulge in the exquisite fusion of nature's sweetness and the rich, umami depth of self-made LAVIS™ black garlic honey. Immerse your senses in a tantalizing symphony of flavors, where the velvety sweetness of honey meets the savory allure of black garlic. Elevate your culinary creations with this delectable fusion – a harmonious blend that promises a journey of tasteful indulgence, leaving your palate craving for more.

        Health Benefits of Black Garlic

        Blood sugar control

        Like fresh raw garlic, black garlic can help to regulate blood sugar levels. Reducing high blood sugar helps prevent serious health issues, such as diabetes symptoms, kidney dysfunction, and more. Higher antioxidant levels in black garlic may also help to prevent complications related to diabetes.

        Heart protection

        Fresh raw garlic is known for its ability to help improve heart health. Black garlic may provide the same protective effects. Black garlic can also help lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which in turn reduces your risk of heart disease.

        Increased immunity

        By reducing inflammation, the antioxidants in black garlic can help boost your immune system. The antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent oxidative stress that lead to cell damage. A healthy immune system means that your body is able to fight infections and bacteria more effectively.

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